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Simulation & Test

The Simulation and Test departments are closely interlinked which helps in drawing out valuable synergies. After simulation the results of the numerical computations are validated in test and trail laboratories at the requisite production sites. The direct exchange of information helps to optimize computation and the trial methods.

To meet the ever-increasing demands in terms of lead times, development times and quality, SMP relies on the benefits of the numerical simulation in component development. The demands and requirements of customers for components are reviewed at the preliminary stage of the development of the component. This helps to reduce any necessary tool changes and trial loops with cost-intensive prototypes and to minimise development times. To do so the experienced team of computation engineers perform the following analysis:

Rheological simulations (fillings, cooling and warpage of injection moulded parts)
Implicit simulations (stiffness, strength, modal analysis and thermal loads, …)
Explicit simulations (impact, crash, airbag analysis, …) 
Computational Fluid Dynamics (air flow, defrost analysis, …)

Testing & Validation
As any virtual modeling is merely an idealized representation of reality, trials involving prototypes to determine stress loads and stress resistance of materials, functions and the component life are indispensable. To check the required properties, the products are subjected to extensive test at all stages of development, taking into account the expected stress load over the entire life of the component.

After dimensional and laboratory trials, the tests include:

Legal requirements involving head impact, airbag inflation behaviour, crash loads on sledge-type systems, and for pedestrian protection

Environmental simulations for evaluating the resistance to temperature, climate changes and sun exposure

Function tests to safeguard the mechanical strength, e.g. through continuous and misuse tests and for determining the operating forces

Acoustic tests in terms of squeak & rattle, modal analyses, investigations in the impedance measuring tube to determine the absorption and reflection of various materials

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